Hello all!

My name is Mari K. Smith and I am the new WYSO Miller Fellow from Antioch college.  Currently I am enrolled in Community voices, a class that teaches the basics of radio and audio production. The creative energy in the room at 8AM on a Saturday never fails to astound me. Everyone has chosen to be there: chosen to tell their stories, and give voices to our community. After educating myself on the basics of Hindenburg editing software, I completed my first StoryCorps assignment which I will post on here when I figure out how.  They always say the first time is the hardest, and boy are they right! I aggravated myself over every small anecdote that I felt added humor and character to the story, but could not fit in the time slot. I felt I owed it to these ladies to help convey their entire lives to the world. After listening to the mother tell the story of her childhood over and over again, I began to feel a sense of familiarity to their voices and stories. I longed to see and experience the places they spoke of. The lack of visual in the art of radio, asks the mind to paint a picture of the scene the voices are speaking in. Each tale has it’s own colors and scents which immerses the listener into the world the voices and music create together. 

I feel incredibly lucky to work here at WYSO and will periodically write about experiences and adventures I have been through over this next year.